Erogenous zones in women

Erogenous zones are points on the body, when you touch which creates sexual excitement. These points are created by nature itself. And in the case that the partner does it from the knowledge of his works, then the body starts preparing on the penis the law. On a woman's body is such places much more than the male. About many of these places, we almost don't know anything.

In bad touch of the erotic zone can cause completely opposite effect expectations.

The main erogenous zone in women

erogenous zones in women

What are the erotic points on a woman's body and how to properly to influence them?

There is an opinion. that the female body is one solid erogenous zone. We can say that not every man will bother finding them. And these places may change as the location and level of arousal. In their place can affect many factors. It may be fatigue, the condition of the nervous system, moods, etc. Not each partner to the armed forces, to identify and properly organize the event for a full erotic arousal.

The more on a woman's body such areas, it's sexy. And it's already a partner to this sexy excite by stroking and touching in that area, where are these most sensual points. Every girl from the right partner of the event, he gets much stronger pleasure than a quick and passionate sex.

The most common place — it is the center of the shoulders, the neck in the back under the hair, part of the abdomen near the pubis and around the navel, tongue, ear lobes, lips, forehead, eyelids, clitoris, fossa above the clavicle, vagina, breasts, ankle, the area of the shoulder blades, buttocks, below the knee, the inner crook of your elbow. All of these erogenous zones, are called primary. Someone of these places operate in the complex, some selectively.

On a woman's body, gaining experience in sexual relationships, discovering new erogenous zones. These zones are called secondary. Be placed in different locations and at the event of the partner to respond differently. It's already our the female body! Is able to navigate under a new sexual partner.

Factors that change the degree of sensitivity of the erogenous zones in women.

Erogenous zones susceptible to external factors. These factors include the smell. Has an effect on the mental and emotional state of the girl, the scent can create a romantic mood, calm or stimulate, even provoke aggression. Some points can hide, and that's the opposite to gain an even greater sensitivity to touch and caress. The environment, the sounds, the clothes — it all plays a unimportant role. On the quantity and their sensitivity to mood, expectations of something, fatigue, alcohol.

How and female nudity, erogenous zone in women is very unstable.

How to determine these points?

To partner found that these points must create the conditions for relaxation. And then, with the help of kisses and tender touches to venture into the exploration of the female body. For getting full of excitement, the girl should help the partner and say which of the erogenous zones is currently more than sensitive. These points can be found on the little finger of a beautiful, slender feet to the tips of the hair on the beautiful head of your bridesmaids.