Why harden the nipples in women: causes

The most sensitive part of the body women – mammary glands. Often in this area is present a feeling of discomfort. It is worth to talk more about why harden nipples.

Obvious reasons

the nipple, in women

Experts in the field of gynecology issued a few reasons why women harden nipples:

  1. Due to prolonged stress. As is known, in the breast with a large amount of nerve endings. If a young mother a long time nervous, then she doesn't get milk. The other women are beginning to solidifying the nipple.
  2. Changes in hormonal levels.
  3. A viral disease. For many representatives of the female sex, in raising the body temperature can change mammary gland.
  4. Strong excitement.
  5. The nipples may shrink and the claim of any tactile touch.

Gynecologists argue that the most common cause of this symptom – early pregnancy.

The response to breast excitement

As mentioned earlier, there are several reasons why to solidify the female nipple. It is worth more to consider each of them.

Every organism reacts differently to the sexual intercourse. The mammary glands are subject to change, someone strong, someone made of light excitement. Some representatives of the beautiful sex are and ever remain in the same state.

Why, when he's excited to solidify the nipple? It has to do with intensive production of endorphins – the hormones of joy. If a man sees that halos partner cringed, the skin has acquired a rough outline, then you can be sure - it does everything right.

The emotional factor or disease

A less common reason to harden the nipples, is stress. Such a change occurs in approximately three percent of women. The human body can be sensitive to perturbations and experiences. This leads to disruption of the hormonal background, and later - to change the cycle of menstrual period and the change in appearance of the nipple.

Each disease – it is also a great stress on the body. Many young mothers in period of lactation and weakens immunity. When increasing the temperature of the body in some of them occurs the stagnation of milk, the nipples, the breasts begin to strengthen, swell and blush.

The first sign of pregnancy

Nature of the mortgaged, that the female body is designed to create a new life. As soon as the egg took the fruit begins to prepare for nurturing the fetus. Many symptoms can inform the expectant mother about his interesting position faster than they do experienced professionals, or modern diagnostic equipment.

The obvious symptom is the change in appearance of the nipple of the breast. They become darker, become stiff, and swell. Often in this area appear feeling of discomfort and light pain. A woman may seem, that her bust even became one size larger.

What is it about? The body on the ground is preparing for the postpartum lactation. Respectively, formed by the expansion of the breast duct. In 70 percent of women that happens in the first trimester of pregnancy, with 25 per cent in the second and third, the remaining 5 percent do not feel any changes in the period of pregnancy.

Effect on immediate contact or individual functions

Many women are wondering, why to harden the nipples even on light touch. The skin in this area becomes wrinkled and rough. This defense response is an individual feature of the body. For some ladies a similar symptom to appear:

  • Due to fluctuations in temperature. For example, if a woman after a hot bath a dive in the ice hole; the house comes out on the cold streets in light clothing. Any change in temperature leads to similar changes.
  • Because of the physical exertion. Approximately 2 percent of women in sport occurs spasm. Status of the shadow recovers himself, after 10-15 minutes after exhaustive exercise.
  • Almost 70 percent of women nipples harden and ache because of changes in hormonal levels in the body. Often it is before menstruation or ovulation.

There is also a less common feature of the organism, when the breast always has a compact structure with hard nipples. Women live with this all my life, and that they absolutely do not prevent.

The wrong choice

Why often to harden the nipple and it hurts? Surprisingly, but this symptom can be associated with allergies. For example, if the representative of the female gender, wearing the clothes of a material of lower quality. Some women love to wear a bra on one-two size smaller than original, to my dignity still attractive. This reason can also appear similar diseases.

There is no reason for experiences


As it turns out, there are a number of reasons why women harden nipples. This phenomenon is the absolute norm, if:

  • The pain is moderate. Has the same character throughout the day. It is not strengthened with time.
  • No other symptoms.
  • The pain is present for more than three nights.
  • No swelling.
  • No redness.

The absolute norm is this a symptom of pregnancy, ovulation, lactation and before the menstrual cycle. In all the above cases is the help of an expert is necessary. The lung ailment can be removed, pomassirovti this area, the smooth movements by a warm shower.

You need the help of an expert

Sometimes hardening of the nipples may be a primary symptom of serious illness. You need to seek the help of an expert upon the occurrence of the following symptoms:

  1. If the nausea is constantly escalating. Subsequently it manifests in acute, hardly bearable pain.
  2. Upon the occurrence of other characteristic signs: increased temperature, redness, erosion, swelling.
  3. At the current pain in other areas of the body.
  4. If there is any discharge from the nipple. The exception is the period of lactation or pregnancy.
  5. When the detection in the chest area of the seal.

Stand vigilant, if at the same time with forkalením nipples appear above symptoms. May be a harbinger of serious disease, up from the mastitis to cancer disease. It is necessary to do the following:

  • Come in for a consultation with a therapist, mammologist or a gynecologist.
  • Pass a series of standard tests: urine, feces, clinical analysis of blood.
  • Do ultrasound examination (SONOGRAPHY).
  • Mammogram.
  • When necessary, additionally appoint biopsy to identify the cancerous cells.

A number of studies allow you to eliminate the risk of developing serious diseases in the early stages.

And what with men?

The question about why harden nipples, to a greater extent interested in women. It is not at all saying that men with similar phenomena faced. Such a flag for them may occur in the following cases:

  • In strong excitement.
  • In a state of intoxication.
  • This often occurs in adolescents during puberty.

Similar character, similar as in women, may be a harbinger of serious illness.


There is a huge amount of are harmless, and serious reasons why harden nipples. Listen to your body. To appreciate the nature of the pain. Analyze your status on the item other symptoms. All these will help you determine whether such a flag norm or is it time for the appeal to the specialist.